Tuesday, 15 March 2016

[STABLE] Carliv Touch Recovery (v.2.7) Spice Mi-426_BY_PIJUSH_SEN


Installing Carliv Touch Recovery on your Spice Mi-426 means that you will be able to flash new custom ROMs on it. Without custom recovery you cannot flash new ROMs. Also, it should be installed on rooted devices. Carliv Touch Recovery can also be used to backup your entire ROM.

            WARNING: Installing a recovery may brick your phone...Don't Blame Me.. Do at your 
                                                               Own Risk...
  Note:- Before installing a custom recovery, make sure you have a proper root access. I recommend
  you to use framaroot to install Super Su  and to access root....

You need:   
1. Carliv Touch Recovery (Download)
2. Mobile Uncle Tool  (Download)
3. Spice Mi-426

Follow these steps to flash Carliv Touch Recovery using Mobile Uncle Tool:

Step 1: Download the recovery and the mobile unle tool from the above link.
Step 2:
Put the downloaded recovery in your root directory.
Step 3:
Open mobile uncle tool and grant root access.
Step 4: Now click on the option named "Flash recovery From SDcard"

Step 5: Select the recovery.img. and flash the recovery.
Step 6: Now reboot into recovery mode.

  If you face any problem contact me at facebook.....
  Or you can comment here or my XDA form

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