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How to root Hitech Amaze S200 (2.3.5/4.0.1) Kernell

How to root Hitech Amaze S200 (2.3.5/4.0.1) Kernell
By Pijush Kanti Sen,XDA developers

WARNING!! Do at your own risk!

Chinese Superuser app.


1.usb cable

3.Hitech Amaze S200 (your phone)

4.presence of mind..


1.Enable Application>Development>USB Debugging

2.Enable Application>Unknown Sources

FILEs NEDDED (download this and install to pc)

1.Download ADB drivers for your device installed on your pc (I used Win7 You may use Win 8/Vista or the Linux distro of your choice)

2.Download and Extract Vroot.

3.Moboro for pc..(Optional)


1. Run adb driver connect ur phone to pc then click install ....
2.Connect ur phone...wait for auto install drivers..
3. OPTIONAL Run moboro .. connect ur phone..then minimize it!

4. Run > Vroot > Root.exe -Connect ur phone!!

(You'll see some chinese text)

A. turn off ur phone..and wait for vibrate.. unplug phone

B. go to recovery mode by long press power button + volume up.. wait for recovery mod .. connect with ur PC/Laptop

C. Run Vroot -- Click the large button on the lower Right...

5. Phone will restart. (Do not unplug the phone to pc)

Congratulations! You are now rooted.

You will see a Chinese superuser app installed.

to make sure .. download root checker from playstore

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